Famous Hoosiers

The Tucker Tiger: The Greatest Combat Vehicle We Never Built

Designed to excel in the muddy terrain of Northern Europe, the Tucker Tiger was the Killer Cadillac of Combat Cars.

Florence Henderson: America’s Mom & Indiana’s Daughter

Known throughout her career for her cheerful disposition, Florence Henderson will be remembered for years to come as an iconic TV mom, much-loved actress, and beloved Hoosier.

President Benjamin Harrison: A Hoosier, Soldier, and President

On March 4, 1889, President Benjamin Harrison, the grandson of President William Henry Harrison, took the oath of office with a brief speech, becoming the 23rd President of the United States. 

Meet Marie Webster, Indiana’s Quilting Queen

Wabash-born Hoosier Marie Daugherty Webster was more than just a great quilt designer and entrepreneur – she (literally) wrote the book on American quilting.

The Real Johnny Appleseed: 90% Hoosier Hero and 10% Daffy Duck

The myth you learned in school is not quite the real story of John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, the man who gave the United States a bounty of hard cider...

Famous Hoosiers: Edna Parker, the Farm Girl that Became Living History

On August 13th, 2007, a Japanese woman by the name of Yone Minagawa passed away peacefully in her sleep, making Hoosier Edna Parker the oldest person in the world.