An Encounter with Diana of the Dunes

Lost in thought as he traced the sloping curve of the statue’s lower back, he didn’t notice the statue turn its head to him. His mind only caught up with his eyes when the lady statue brought her arm up in a gentle wave.

For the Love of God, SEE Mammoth Caves Before You Die

...You were blind. In the absence of even the tiniest bit of ambient light and in the cave’s entrenched darkness, you knew how it felt to go blind. You couldn’t even tell if your eyes were open or not. It was void, nothingness. Absence.

Indiana: What the H— Does INFOSYS Do?

INFOSYS- Huge investment, huge opportunity, but a huge disappointment if it falls through. Here's a few things you might want to know about India-based tech giant.

Readers: Our Thanks for 100,000 Visitors & 175,000 Pageviews…

Readers: Literally, figuratively and all things in between, we could not have done this without you.

PSA: Here’s a Summer Job that Doesn’t Suck

The Lake County Department of Parks & Recreation is filling about two dozen seasonal positions across all of its parks, lasting roughly from the middle of May to the middle of August (perfect for college students).

Nature’s Hernia: the 2018 Flood

Trees didn’t just fall into Deep River this year, but marched into it like lemmings, spurned by the unrelenting flood. Hundreds of trees still straddle and choke the river, from masses of scrub trees to ancient maples with initials carved into the sapwood.