Weird & Wonderful: the Making of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

Was the film Communist propaganda? Sigh. No, it wasn't.

The Big Snow of ’67

29 hours. 23 inches. 60 deaths.

Indiana Battles the Great Depression

Indiana transforms its Great Depression from poverty to planes

Exploring Wyandotte Caves

Humans have explored this cave system for 6000 years...

More Photos of Indiana’s Christmas Past (1885-1985)

Even more photos of the Christmas season across Indiana, from 1900 to the 1980s.

Bob Ross was here!…at Muncie’s Bob Ross Experience

Painter of Happy Little Bushes

The Last Soldier to Die

Private Gunther had to prove he wasn't a traitor.

Secret Sounds of Purdue’s Clapping Circle

One of Purdue's freaky features...

Find the Bones of ‘Old Ironsides’ in an Indiana Forest

When the USS Constitution needs help, Hoosier white oaks are at the ready...

Lincoln the Streetfighter

Lincoln Kicked Butt. Literally.

The Kentucky Meat Shower of 1876

Was it human meat, witches' butter, bear butt, frog spawn, or something supernatural?

The Skeleton in an Indiana Closet

Sad fate and the son of a Civil War hero...

The 160 Year History of Indy’s National Arsenal

For 40 years, the Arsenal was dedicated to war. For the last 100, the Arsenal has been used for education.