Among the Indiana Chamber’s priorities for 2018 sits a revision of STEM education, a mandate that evolved in 2014 to address the forecasted vacuum of qualified candidates for an increasingly competitive high-tech job market (STEM=Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Indiana legislators hope to integrate more STEM education and activities at the elementary level, instead of restricting them to the secondary level, and to increase focus on computer science education.

They also hope to address the absence of qualified teachers for STEM subjects.  Many school districts across the state have been forced to grant emergency licenses or temporary permits to content professionals from a variety of non-education backgrounds to keep up with state standards.  Indiana hopes to ease the requirements for these licenses to attract more professional experts to educate Hoosier children. 

Prompted by the announced agenda of Gov. Holcomb, Indiana’s STEM focus is part a larger effort to align the Hoosier workforce with the needs of the 21st century.