Unless the IDOE gets the state waiver for the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), Hoosiers are about to see its graduation rates, and coveted A-ratings, go bye-bye.

Enacted in 2015 under President Obama, the ESSA augmented 2002’s controversial No Child Left Behind Act, with a focus on improving education quality throughout schools, particularly for high-needs or at-risk student populations.  But two years is not a long time in education.

Like many states, Indiana ‘s general education diploma does not meet the minimum requirements established under the ESSA for quality education.  Only the Core 40 diploma meets those requirements, which means only Core 40 students count toward federally-recognized graduation rates.  Indiana legislators recognize the importance of graduation rates in everything from federal funding for schools, to property values, to tuition costs.  It permeates everything.

The IDOE hopes the public will take a look on the waiver online and provide constructive comments or criticisms, not only to improve Indiana’s chances at receiving the waiver delaying the heightened requirements, but also to educate Hoosiers on the weighty influence lowered graduation rates will have on ALL residents.