Christmas Day has evolved into our country’s unified day of rest, regardless of religious affiliation. We thank you for spending a moment of that hard-earned (and well-deserved) rest with us.

We thank you for an amazing 2017. Since giving birth to our plucky Indiana news site just two months ago, has received over 10,000 page views and 2,600 visits, all without advertising. Some visitors have popped their heads in to read an article or two, and some come by a few times a week. Some daily. To all visitors, we say thank you. Thank you for showing an interest in our eclectic mishmash of positive, constructive news and features, and thank you for making our efforts worthwhile.

We started this site to celebrate and connect Hoosiers all over the state, from New Albany to East Chicago. We knew a news outlet doesn’t have to rely on violence, sensationalism and discord to thrive, but can seek out and share constructive stories of strength and struggle. You have shown a media outlet doesn’t have to rely on the cynical maxim If it bleeds, it leads.

It does not have to.

In our time scouring the dozens of media outlets we reference daily, we have noticed a startling statistic that nestles nicely with the Christmas season: Ladies and gentlemen of Indiana, the good not only outweighs the bad, it outnumbers the bad. There are more stories of compassion and cooperation in this state than tales of tragedy. We know it because we sort through stories every day, good and bad. It’s the unfortunate character of modern media that stories of tragedy tend to echo louder than others, but echoes are just that; sound without substance. We’re a small part of a new optimism to change that.

If you have an extra moment, glance through the stories today on our homepage, all demonstrating the good works of Hoosiers and immediate neighbors. It took us less than six minutes to find those stories. It doesn’t take long to find the good in Indiana.

With that in mind, and as we, the good people of Indiana, enjoy a day of reflection and rest, your friends at OrangeBean would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays, the Merriest of Christmases!