Call AGAINST Arms: Doomday Clock at 2 Minutes to Midnight

Every year, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moves the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock closer or further away from midnight in a symbolic assessment of nuclear war’s likelihood.  Some consider it a relic of the Cold War or a poster for nuclear alarmism.  It is neither. The movement of the clock is not an off-the-cuff “guesstimate” (scientists hate that word) of the world’s nuclear arsenal. 
The men and women making the decision have more degrees than a thermometer, ranging from world politics to nuclear energy.  These decision-makers aren’t the best of the best.  They are the best of the best of the best.  When they announce the world is now closer to nuclear war than ever before, the entire country should take note and listen.  In this case, listen and tremble. 

Established by former Manhattan Project staff in 1945, the Bulletin’s purpose is to educate citizens and decision-makers on realities of nuclear weapons, NOT propaganda.  By far, the periodical’s most famous feature is the Doomsday Clock.

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