At 75 years old, Dougie Upchurch is a happy man, comfortably living in Valparaiso’s Moses Caregiver Home after years spent shuffling from one facility to the next.  Mr. Upchurch suffers from cerebral palsy. Diagnosed when he was just a child, little was known of the disease and treatment amounted to nothing more than filing a patient away in the doldrums of perpetual care.

He came to the six-patient Moses Caregiver Home in 2014, after suffering from depression and weight loss at a larger facility. His healthy improved faster than anyone expected.  Now his numerous hobbies include pen collecting, comedy films and bingo. He’s become a healthy, happy and personable patient.

But that may not last.

At 75, he has lived far beyond the expectations of most caregivers, which is great news, but also beyond the wealth of his trust fund, which is not great news.  When funds run out, Dougie will no longer be able to afford his small nursing home, but will be forced to move to a larger facility as before.  His current caregivers know he won’t do well there, and although they’ll keep him as long as possible; the small business, owned by three sisters, can only hold him so long.  Dougie Upchurch’s family, friends and caregivers are hoping Good Samaritans can help fill the financial gap.

If You’d Like to Help Dougie Upchurch, Please Donate at His GoFundMe Page HERE.