Since beginning this website in October of last year, we had only the vaguest notion of how exciting and dramatic its growth would be.

This digital newborn took a lot of time, effort and early mornings, but we’ve sprinted past the first steps and first words. Now we’re seeing it pound the pavement and swear like a sailor.

Uh, that’s a confusing metaphor. Let me be clearer.

Yesterday, OrangeBean Indiana struck two extraordinary milestones. First, we celebrated our 30,000th unique user. No tricks, sleight-of-hand or paid traffic fluffed that number, just writing, writing and a little healthy self-promotion.Then we hit our 50,000 page view only an hour later. For our eclectic Indiana news site, that’s a lot of page views. Two exciting milestones in one day…

The vision of OrangeBean Indiana is to become a humble Saturday Evening Post, a mishmash of news, fiction, op-ed articles and, as of March 10th, a publisher of novels (more on that later). We’re inching closer every day.

But hard work means nothing without readers. Whether you’re a Hoosier in body or in heart, we thank you for your time, your kindness and your curiosity.


Tim Bean, Editor-in-Chief & Owner

Nicholas Orange, Publisher & Owner