I’ll stick with my Lucky Charms. In the 1800s, popcorn, cream and sugar became a staple breakfast food. 

Clogs your heart quicker than superglue. Popcorn alone is an excellent healthy snack, but for those that like chowing down on a bag during the latest Star Wars sequel, realize that topping adds almost 30 grams of saturated fat.  You’d be better off topping your popcorn with a Snickers bar. 

The physics of popcorn. Unpopped kernels are caused from slight imperfections in the tough hull or uneven heating, which prevent the kernel’s interior from achieving the high pressure needed to pop. 

Packing with popcorn. Several shipping companies attempted to use popcorn as a plentiful, biodegradable packing material, but its susceptibility to moisture and pest-snacking have made it difficult.  Researchers are still working on it. 

Don’t try this at home. In 1941, botanist Thomas Goodspeed once heated thousand-year-old kernels from a Chilean archeological dig site.  They popped up perfectly, although tasted pretty bland.