Days Inn washed its hands of the hotel and by 2003, everyone left. Literally. Just walked away. Beds had been made, hallways were vacuumed, but no effort had been made to salvage any of the hotel’s property or contents, or even put it on the market (that part of the story has a Roanoke Island-vibe to it). 

A year later, an Illinois-based real estate company bought the hotel and its acreage for a little over half a million. Considering the Undead hotel’s location (busy interstate off a well-used exit), that price was a steal.  But the new owners surprised everyone by doing nothing with it, just like its previous owners. They put up a few NO TRESPASSING signs, jiggled the locks and walked away. 

In fifteen years, the hotel has seen no maintenance, no cleanup.  The only visitors to the Undead hotel has been a steady stream of the elements, vagrants, vandals and urban explorers…along with the occasional police cruiser. I have to admit, some of the videos of those brave enough to wander its hallways are entertaining. Hat’s off to those who can tolerate the smell.