Since the hotel fell under the town of Battle Ground’s domain, officials there attempted to levy fines and charges against the new owners to spur development or demolition. All tickets were returned, undeliverable. They couldn’t imagine a company that would fork out a half million and just let a structure rot. The only response from the Illinois real estate company was a payment of back taxes in 2013, two days before the property was to be sold (for $200,000 this time). 

The real victim of the Undead hotel is the town of Battle Ground. It’s a nice place, but its most visible monument is a bloated corpse of a hotel gawked at by thousands of drivers daily. The town’s hands remain tied. Estimates place the property’s current worth at $1.1 million dollars, but demolition and cleanup costs carry a price tag of around $1 million. Not a good bet for a small Indiana town. 

But enough is enough. In June of 2018, Battle Ground filed a lawsuit against the abandoned Days Inn’s current (and silent) owners to tear down the hazardous structure. Living up to their name, Battle Ground likely plans on seeing the Undead hotel exorcised this time.

Note to urban explorers: get your carrion-picking adventures out of the way now, before Battle Ground’s bulldozers come.