July 10th, 2018…

Gary schools invite the public to the district’s first open forum Tuesday,July 10th, from 6-8 PM at the Gary Career Center.

To attract visitors, the Noble County Public Library has decided to eliminate overdue fees.

Governor Holcomb announced the State of Indiana will provide free handheld metal detectors to ANY school requesting them.

Hybrid and electric car owners are not happy about the extra $50 tacked onto their car registration this year as part of the Indiana Road Funding Law.

Parke County’s Raccoon Lake staff spent an entire day picking up more than 40 garbage bags of litter left over from Fourth of July festivities.

When complete, the new Evansville solar farm will contain 8,000 solar panels and power 300 homes.

After two water mains broke early this morning, the entirety of Owensboro is under an official State of Emergency, with Daviess, Hancock and Ohio counties under a boil order.