No one likes having their search history scrutinized, but your friends at Google Trends are more than willing to distribute data anonymously (*clears throat*).

So, for all that’s good and bad on the Internet, here is a collection of Indiana’s top searches for 2017 (2018 is, obviously, still being compiled)

Indiana’s Most Frequently Searched Question in 2017

“What is a solar eclipse?”

Occurs when an observer is standing in the shadow of the Moon as its disc covers the Sun. Solar eclipses are not experienced by the planet as a whole. The question no doubt related to the August 21st, 2017, solar eclipse that passed through the US.

Indiana’s Most Frequently Searched Person

“Paul George”

Paul George forged quite a reputation as a small forward for the Indiana Pacers from 2010-2017, despite being sidelined with an injury. No doubt his search was prompted by his move to the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2017.

Indiana’s Top “Why Do” Question 

“Why Do My Boobs Hurt?” and “Why Do Cats Knead?”

I can only conjecture so much on this one. To the first question, I’ll look away and say (with some concern), “You really should see a doctor about that…” I can guess on the second question: kittens knead to stimulate the production of milk from their mother while nursing. When a cat does this, it’s a nod back to that subconscious action. In other words, the cat thinks you are its mother.

Indiana’s Most Commonly Misspelled Word


As a child, this is how I remembered how to spell ‘beautiful’ for a second grade spelling test, long before Hooked on Phonics. BEE-A-U-TEA-FULL. I think placing those images in my mind helped me recall the spelling.

Indiana’s Most Searched Vehicle 

“Buick Cascada”

The Buick Cascada was the first convertible manufactured by Buick since 1991. Its sporty look, luxury features and hefty price tag made headlines for those wanting a vehicle that straddled the line between fun and finery. Personally, I think it’s a little squat-looking.

Indiana’s Most Searched Recipe


Tacos are delicious. Enough said.

Indiana’s Most Searched Plastic Surgery 


“Butt enhancement” 

Now, before every guy reading this starts to giggle at the result, realize that the second most common search in 2017, and the most common from several previous years, was “penis enlargement.” So be humble.