Indiana News: September 8th to September 14th…

Since 1902, Harrison College has graduated over 80,000 students at 11 campuses in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. On September 14th, the now Indy-based Harrison College announced it would permanently close all campuses on September 16th, with its board members blaming low enrollment and an increasing financial burden.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled cities can be held liable for crimes committed by on-duty police officers. The ruling came down after officers in Fort Wayne and Evansville were found guilty of committing rape while on-duty (See Jennifer Cox v. Evansville Police Department and The City of Evansville; Babi Beyer v. The City of Fort Wayne). 

Indiana, by-the-numbers: Recent data shows Indiana has its largest increase in resident population since 2008, with over 32,000 new resident added to the Hoosier state in 2017, boosting the total population to 6.7 million. Analysts believe the state’s improved economics and a focus on supporting and expanding new business are largely responsible for the increase.

Indiana is no longer among the top 10 most obese states, according to TWO national reports. It now ranks 13th. Despite this, the percentage of obese Hoosier adults has increased to 32.5%, nearly a third of the state’s adult population.

Cleanup of the over 8,000 gallons of jet fuel that spilled into St. Mary’s River last week is underway and is expected to take weeks to months. No well water should be affected by the spill, but officials strongly recommend anyone near the cleanup site avoid using open flames.

For the first time since 2013, Paul McCartney is returning to Indiana to support his newest album ‘Egypt Station’ on June 3rd at Fort Wayne’s Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 17th.