Shortly after the death of Thomas Kingan in 1906, the company brought W.R. Sinclair over from Belfast to help run the company. When Samuel died in 1911, Thomas Sinclair stepped into his position and the Sinclair family ran the show in Indianapolis for the next 40 years.

By 1914, the company was the first to sell pre-sliced, packaged bacon, cementing their place in history. Branded as Kingan’s Reliable, these popular one-pound boxes of bacon advertised the high-quality methods of storage and food safety used at Kingan.

Despite its success in the early part of the century, Kingan & Co. was bought out in the 1950’s and had ceased operations by 1966. Perhaps fittingly, the building burnt to the ground shortly afterward.


To give some perspective on the size of the Kingan’s former site, the area is currently occupied by minor league ballpark Victory Field and the Indianapolis Zoo.