Historically, Warsaw, Indiana has been known as “Lake City” as it is situated in close proximity to Pike Lake, Hidden Lake, Center Lake and Winona Lake. The lakes are still there and the name is still in use, but recent years have seen Warsaw adopt a new moniker: The Orthopedic Capital of the World

It’s not hard to see why. The town has less than 15,000 residents, but over 5,000 of them are employed in the thriving orthopedic industry. Though many of the jobs exist because of recent expansions as well as local efforts to lure companies from the orthopedic industry to town, Warsaw’s history with orthopedic innovation goes back over a hundred years.

Reverend ‘Revra’ DePuy was a Warsaw-based inventor known for inventing the fiber splint and founding DePuy Manufacturing. Born in 1860, DePuy spent his childhood split between Michigan, Canada and, following the death of his father, Illinois. After graduating from the University of Toronto as a chemist, he found work as a traveling salesman and eventually wound up in Warsaw.