Indiana News: October 3rd to October 9th…

Indiana Overcharge?¬†According to a recent study by the Journal of Health Economics and Management, Indiana’s nonprofit hospitals are charging an average of 10-20% higher for services than Medicare, compared to a national nonprofit hospital average of 2-3% higher than Medicare. Additionally, the study discovered over 70% of Indiana’s doctors are employed in its hospitals, compared to the national average of 50%.

School Safety. The Justice Department gave Indiana schools a $1 million grant to reduce school violence. The schools plan to use the funds to establish reporting hotlines and train staff and students to identify those with mental health issues.

Poker Problems? Indiana’s second largest charity poker game has come under scrutiny for “very concerning” issues, according to the Indiana Gaming Commission. The games, run by the Northside Knights of Columbus, brought in over $4.4 million last year alone.

Eyesore No More! The Wrecks Inc. Junkyard, which sits prominently along I-65 about 20 miles north of Indy, was recently purchased by Whitestown’s citizens. The town paid $6.5 million for the junkyard in hopes of turning it from an eyesore into a mixed-use campus for the surrounding communities.

A Peaceable Kingdom. The Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in northeastern Indiana sadly announced popular resident Mufasa, a 22-year-old lion, passed away this week. Rescued from a roadside zoo in Monticello, Mufasa had lived seven years at Black Pine, long past the average captive lion’s age of 15.