Indiana News: October 10th to October 18th…

On Thursday, the Indiana National Guard confirmed ransomware recently infected a non-military server. Officials notified those whose private information was exposed and recommended they monitor their finances for suspicious activity.

According to a recent survey from WalletHub, Indiana ranks 46th in the country for political engagement, assessed using a variety of factors like voter turnout and political donations. That’s not unusual; the United States ranks 26th out of 32 for voter turnout in the world’s developed nations.

Dozens of Indiana stores have removed boxwood shrubs after discovering a fungal blight shipped from Oregon on several of the plants. The blight causes dark spots to appear on foliage and can, eventually, kill the shrubs.

Indiana State Police reported a bungee cord caused the six-car pileup that shut down I-465 for hours this Wednesday. A driver used the bungee cord to hold down the hood of his car, but the cord slipped and the hood flipped up, blocking his view. Luckily, only one person suffered minor injuries.

Fire departments across Indiana are confirming an increase in fires over the last week, citing the sudden cold weather as a primary factor. Among the culprits causing the fires: overloaded plugs, pet beds too close to heaters and chargers for laptops and devices.