Businesses stay, and businesses disappear. In a tough and ever-changing world of business, one should have the courage and passion for overcoming different challenges. Elli Lilly and Company serves to be the best example of a business who stand the test of time. For over 135 years, it has provided a monumental contribution in the pharmaceutical field.

Eli Lilly and Company built a strong commitment to discover and develop new drugs in different areas including neuroscience, oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. This milestone serves to be a significant hope for many patients that rely on high quality and effective medicines.


Eli Lilly and Company is widely known to be a very successful pharmaceutical company for the global market. It has headquarters in Indianapolis, but has offices in 18 different countries and supplies products to 125 countries. 

So, what made Eli Lilly and Company such a success?

 The Beginning of Journey to Success

In 1876, Colonel Eli Lilly, an outstanding pharmaceutical chemist and American Civil war veteran, founded Lilly Pharmaceuticals to combat the poorly-prepared and ineffective medicines that had flooded his profession. His goal: a business that would supply the global market with the highest quality pharmaceuticals.

In other words, no snake oil.