By Mary Giorgio

Step into Hook’s Drugstore Museum and you are stepping back into time…

Outside, sits the 21st century. Inside, museum guests are fully immersed in the 19th century. Hook’s Drugstore Museum tells the fascinating story of the development of the modern American drugstore.

Located on the grounds of the Indiana State Fairgrounds, Hook’s Drugstore Museum opened in 1966. It was established by Hook’s Pharmacy as part of the state’s sesquicentennial celebrations. State officials had asked Indiana corporations to make contributions to the festivities.

Hook’s executives approached the State Fairgrounds looking for a building that could serve as a temporary museum. They planned for the museum to be open for 3 months. The Better Babies Building was ultimately chosen because it was the correct size for a 19th-century pharmacy. The Better Babies Building had formerly been used during the State Fair to judge infants on their levels of cognitive development.