1What’s in the Trunk? 

Curating the collected items of any historic property is mostly heavy lifting and endlessly sifting and scanning. Forget anything you’ve seen in National Treasure or Indiana Jones; the real risk is paper cuts and lower back pain.

The following items came from a beaten, leather-covered trunk with brass hasps so tarnished you could light a kitchen match on them. The previous owner passed away in 1979 in Lake County, Indiana, at the age of 84.

We know the purpose of some items and the dates of others, but not enough for proper cataloging. I thought some of you might like to browse and dive into the grunt work of history.

If you know anything about the item, particularly as to its date, please message us on our Facebook page HERE, and include the item’s slide number. I’ll gladly do a shout-out later on to those steering us in the right direction.