The Unusual and Eclectic James Dean

1Little James Dean, Age 1

2James Dean, Age 7

3Dean’s first broadcast appearance—a Pepsi commercial, 1951

4Dean with Vampira (Maila Nurmi) on the set of The Vampira Show, 1954

5Mugging with Natalie Wood on the set of Rebel Without a Cause, 1955

6Brando visiting the set of East of Eden, 1955

7Dean hanging out in Elizabeth Taylor’s trailer on the set of Giant, 1955

8Dean taking dance classes along with Eartha Kitt, 1955

9Have to keep the lights on, folks…

10Dean playing ping pong, 1955

11Dean helping Geraldine Page before she gets onstage, 1955

12Dean starring with Ronald Reagan in General Electric Theater‘s episode “The Dark, Dark Hours”, 1954

13Varsity basketball star Jimmy Dean, 1949

14Dean snapping photos of Sammy David Jr., 1955

15A Hoosier actor sitting at a Hoosier kitchen table reading the works of a Hoosier poet, 1955