*To protect the identity of this kind-hearted “Summer Santa,” portions of this article have been redacted, including her name and location. She’d prefer to remain anonymous, and while I’ll share her story, I won’t spoil her fun. Happy flying!

Her name is [redacted] and she flies through the air with the greatest of ease…but she’s not available for parties.

A generous yet mysterious paramotor (a powered paraglider) has spent several summers piloting the smooth skies over [redacted] and dropping armloads of toys to surprised children for miles around. She’s become such a familiar sight in [redacted] that hordes of children have begged their parents to “Follow that Toy Fairy!

Long before [redacted] became the Toy Fairy, her paramotor was a familiar site in the rural suburbs of [redacted]. The paramotor’s hefty, healthy buzz and rainbow colors flew in lazy, elegant circles safety above the tree tops and power lines. Sometimes [redacted] dipped low enough to raise an eyebrow, but no one doubted her deft handling of the aircraft. She quickly became a familiar site every [redacted] summer.

Then she got creative. This mysterious and marvelous flyer began dropping soft (and safe) toys to children for the last two summers. Sometimes they receive an armful of plush toys, sometimes a couple footballs, but [redacted] always does it with a wink, a wave, and at a safe distance. She’s also been known to shave a few treetops when she spots a festive party below.

Appreciative parents have called her a “hero” and a “rock star,” but any attempt to contact her directly has always been politely brushed away. Even the local radio station [redacted] and newspaper [redacted] have found no luck getting her story, simply because she’s not interested in the attention.

Parents have flocked to [redacted], posting heartfelt thanks and pictures of their beaming children showing off their new toys. But [redacted] just wants to stay a silent, anonymous Toy Fairy.

Summer’s coming to an end, so if you’re near [redacted], keep a watch on the skies, at least for a few more weeks. You may just spot her. For those that would like to thank [redacted] directly, don’t bother with Facebook or Twitter…just give her a simple wave when she passes overhead.