By Jennifer Young

If holiday shopping makes you hungry, take a drive to Southgate, Michigan, where you’ll find Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar (not Bar and Grill), and bring your credit card–maybe bring a few of your credit cards. Mallie’s has a pretty nice selection of offerings: calamari for $11, a veggie wrap for $7, and beer-battered cod for $14. Most items are $25 and under, including the prime rib, ribeye steak, or a full slab of baby back ribs.

Then, scrolling down through the burgers you see a $10,000 price tag for the world-famous 1,800-pound burger, known to burger aficionados as the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger.”

1,800 pounds. $&?@!

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar doesn’t exactly shy away from unusual food items. It features a pickle pizza, after all, and even a cheeseburger salad. However, the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger is the pub’s claim to fame. The burger set a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest commercially available burger…and it is available for $10,000, but you need to let the pub know in advance (about 72 hours) so staff can prepare this burger of gargantuan proportions.

Plus, it’s not all about the meat. Aside from the 1,800 pounds of beef it takes to make the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger, the chef and cook staff need 15 pounds of lettuce, 30 pounds of tomatoes, and 36 pounds of cheese. And it seems since there’s no skimping on the ingredients, you might as well okay the 30 pounds of bacon to top this masterpiece too.

Who eats an Absolutely Ridiculous Burger? Adam Richman of “Man v. Food” fame featured Mallie’s and its burger on an episode, but Richman only managed to put down a puny 160 pounds. A 2010 episode of Supersized Food showcased the burger as it was served to a football team, but this was a much slimmed-down version of the burger at only 250 pounds.

It seems that Mallie’s has been willing to create various-sized burger for clientele. Over the years, pricing for the burgers has ranged between $399 to today’s whopping $10,000. But if you need to feed a group of hungry carolers or a fleet of snowplow drivers, a trip to Mallies might be in order. Just eating a 300-pound Ridiculous Burger would have to be regarded as a team sport.

And, when the order comes in, the Mallie’s crew will need to cook that beast for upwards of ten hours. They’ll also need to special order the bun and make sure they have plenty of space on the floor to wheel the burger out. Along with your burger, you can add a $5 bowl of the daily soup and a $4 order of sweet potato fries. Naturally, you’ll want to top off your meal with Mallie’s $30 Colossal Sundae, loaded with more than a gallon of ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

And before you leave this article thinking that burgers just aren’t your thing. I’ve got one word for you: tacos. That’s right. Mallie’s features a luscious 2-pound taco for $15. If you can scarf down three, Mallie’s will feed them to you for free!