Image: Butler County Sheriff's Office, 2021

On Thursday, the Butler County Bomb Squad expected the worst when officers spotted the black duffel bag at the entrance of the New Miami church. Donning their protective gear, they approached the large duffel bag, well aware the tremor of their steps might set it off.

Instead, the bomb squad police heard the bag purring and mewing. They carefully peeled down the zipper an pulled back the large flap and—

A nervous tabby cat popped her head out!

The tabby blinked up at the officers. It was healthy, but wary of the surprised strangers. The tiny mewing came from shadows below her. Six healthy kittens cuddled and crawled around her paws, all only a day old.


The cold air and snow could have been dangerous for the new mother, but someone had tucked an insulted, cushioned cube inside the bag. The only hint of the previous owner was a carefully written note: “Mom’s name is Sprinkles. She began giving birth at 2:00 PM. Wed. Feb 17th.” The mommy and her kittens were nice and warm inside the cube…although a little pee-soaked.

Staff at the nearby Animal Friends Humane Society checked Sprinkles and her kittens in two hours later. Volunteers gave them all quick bathes and check-ups. A blood test and several vaccines later, and they’ve all got a clean bill of health. Despite the stress of dressing up like a terrorist threat, Sprinkles is now peacefully nursing the kittens while the shelter’s staff arranges a foster home.

Sprinkles and her kittens!

For updates on Sprinkles and her kittens, and for ways to help them and other strays at the Animal Friends Humane Society, check out their Facebook page HERE. Hint: if you scoot over there now, there’s a video of Sprinkles with the kittens.