A deranged and/or disguised artist rolled up to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris, popped up from his wheelchair, tossed a wiry black wig to the floor and smeared a thick hunk of cake across the Mona Lisa in front of hundreds of tourists.

A sea of museum visitors who forgot there’s a special place in hell for those who record vertical video.

Apparently forgetting or not carrying that the world’s most valuable and famous painting hangs inside a concrete wall and behind bulletproof glass. After smearing a thick, custard-filled treat all over the glass, the failed failed then tossed rose petals on the crowd behind.

Feeling sorry for his monumental incompetence, police simply escorted the silly man out of the museum.


A screen grab from Twitter of the vandal asking people not to put it on Twitter. Note the black wig.

This was not the da Vinci painting’s first rodeo with crime. The painting disappeared for three years in 1911. In 1952, a deranged man threw sulfuric acid at the lower portion of the work. in 1956, A Bolivian student pitched a rock at it. On a trip to Tokyo, she almost got doused with red spray paint. In 2009, a Russian tossed a cup of tea at it.

The painting is considered priceless, although during its last insurance valuation in 1962, adjusters hung a $100 million price tag on it. equivalent to $621 million in 2022.

The most famous Mona Lisa counterfeits.