Howdy, folks. Skip all this if you want. My feelings won’t be hurt.¬†

OrangeBean is approaching our fifth year, and I thought of starting a new site entry: old newspaper articles. Hands down my favorite part of this job is sifting through newspaper databases to track down stories.

I’m not huge on nostalgia, but I can say with certainty newspapers were almost an artform of information distribution. Also, there was no analysis¬†just facts. Old news wasn’t always good news, but it was well-written.

So enjoy these four stories I plucked out today. I may do this daily, or every few days, but you’ll see it pop up fairly often.

Evansville Press. June 17th, 1922

South Bend News-Times. June 17th, 1922.

The Indianapolis Star. June 17th, 1922.

The Republic. June 17th, 1922.