What is OrangeBean? Or is it Orangebean?
Whatever works for you. We selected the name for three reasons: 1.) It is an obvious mash of the founders’ last names, Nicholas Orange and Tim Bean, 2.) It’s easy to spell, and 3.) It instantly conjures up the image of an Orange bean, which is a handy way to remember our message. Luckily, our last names aren’t Brownwater and Sewagepump.
Why don’t you run stories on important issues like abortion, gun rights, tax reform, etc?
Why bother?  If you’re looking for articles on those topics, chances are you already hold a concrete opinion. Online media suffers from too many echo chambers. We refuse to be another.
Why Indiana?
Indiana is our home.
Isn’t Constructive, Positive News the Same as Censoring or Filtering?
Look at a few of the typical media sites.  They’ll bury stories so far down their websites you’ll crack your scrolling wheel before reaching them.  They don’t have time for those stories.  Recycled tales of murder, death, corruption, harassment…those are repeated over and over on the cycle, until people THINK that’s what they want to hear.  We do the opposite.
Why don’t we publish divisive, sensational news?  Because we don’t have time for it.
Who do you think you are?
Both the publisher and editor-in-chief have held several positions of employment in the last quarter-century: corn detassler, hardware store clerk, fast food service member, member of student government, college writing tutor, meat cutter, home improvement store employee, deer processor, route driver, teacher, GED tutor, counselor, clergy member, painter, case manager, business founder, county parks employee, business owner, freelance writer, associate pastor…
Each and every one of those jobs proudly held in the great state of Indiana. That’s who we are.
Is this just another Millennial narrative attempting to subvert traditional media outlets with an unfocused miasma of half-baked journalism and calling it “news”?
Nicholas Orange ~ Publisher, Owner
Tim Bean ~ Editor-in-Chief, Owner