About OrangeBean

OrangeBean started as a whimsical idea between two friends in a Starbucks. Half a decade later, there’s now a whimsical website, a whimsical Twitter feed and Facebook page and now, with this collection, a whimsical series of books.

Nicholas Orange is an entrepreneur, business owner, therapist and minister currently living in Indianapolis. Among his business ventures is co-ownership of Family and Community Partners and Family and Community Solutions, counseling agencies serving central Indiana. Nick is also blessed to be an Associate Pastor and Minister of Pastoral Care at First Christian Church of Beech Grove. He received his BA in Political Science from Purdue Northwest, and then an MDiv and MA from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. He is currently working on his MBA.

Tim Bean has a BA from Purdue Northwest somewhere around the house. He has two headstrong children he adores, a lovely wife he doesn’t deserve, his precious woodworking tools, a custom drum kit, and his trusty MacBook. More than anything, he would really love a nap