An Encounter with Diana of the Dunes

Lost in thought as he traced the sloping curve of the statue’s lower back, he didn’t notice the statue turn its head to him. His mind only caught up with his eyes when the lady statue brought her arm up in a gentle wave.

Visiting the House From ‘A Christmas Story’: Nostalgia, Ad Nauseam

I loved 'A Christmas Story'. During a visit to Cleveland, I discovered some people L-O-V-E the 1983 film.

What Lives in the Endless Midnight of Indy’s Catacombs?

The Catacombs owns darkness in abundance, even with hundreds of lights draping its support pillars. Recesses and alcoves down there clench onto darkness like old men clench blankets on frigid nights...

The Honey Bee, Nature’s Kindest Kamikaze

Before we break out the cans of discount wasp spray, I hope everyone takes a minute to differentiate between long-suffering, food-producing honeybees and other stinging insects that swarm the summer skies

Psycho Funk at Indy’s Museum of Psychphonics

The Museum of Psychphonics is a sensory-saturated overload of American weirdness, dedicated to that secret streak of strangeness that we rarely bring out in polite company.

Staking the Heart of I-65’s Abandoned Days Inn Hotel…

The abandoned Days Inn off Exit 43 in Battle Ground, Ind. is a four-story, 6.5 acre eyesore...that produces more black mold than Swamp Thing’s jock strap