Move Over, Millennials—Here Comes the Condom-Snorting Generation?

The only difference between the emerging YouTube generation, my generation and even my grandparents’ generation is the means of videotaping our stupidity. Nothing else has changed.

Popcorn: A Medley of Facts, Physics and Flavors

By: Tim Bean I Swore I’d Never Write an Article on Popcorn.  Being a lifelong Hoosier, I always hated automatically being associated with popcorn.  I rarely...

Indiana Once Housed the KKK, But Indiana Also Squashed the KKK

By: Tim Bean *A brief note, since I continue receiving affirmations that the KKK is alive and well. The KKK of the 1920s held hundreds...

Sweet, Sticky & Stinky: Life in Maple Syrup

If you’ve never had real maple syrup, and would rather not add the expense to your food budget, Don’t. Even. Try. It. You’ll never be able to choke down the imitation "pancake syrup" stuff ever again, even at triple the cost.

The Road Warrior: Houdini, the I-65 Goat

Some call him a coarsely-furred symbol of the best in America.  Some call him a goat that likely strayed from an area farm and took up residence along the highway.  All are true. And none are true. 

Floodplains and Humans: A Love/Hate Story

While human ingenuity can alter the purpose of a land’s geography, we can rarely change the geography itself. Result: flooding.  Marshlands that once soaked up the overflow of rivers has become flat grasslands or pavement.