Rose and the Pig That Didn’t Live

This story is based on an 1988 interview with Rose Buckley Pearce, the matriarch of one of Northwest Indiana’s early farming families. In 1977,...

100 Years Ago, the Most Famous Landmark in Indiana Vanished

The Hoosier Slide stood 200 feet tall, easily dwarfing the other sand dunes between Lake Michigan and the budding Michigan City...

The Dollhouse Grave of Vivian May Allison

Vivian May Allison died in 1899 at the age of six...

The Truth in “The Truth About Lilacs”

Examples from the past and present of the lilac's use in American culture.

The Atomic Tattoo Experiment

In the first years of the Atomic Age, Indiana proved the setting for one of the earliest experiments in civil defense that remains equal parts ingenious and insane: tattooing thousands of Lake County school children with their blood-type.

Unfinished, Abandoned Nuclear Plant Cost $3 Billion

In 1973, engineers and architects worked with Indiana power concerns and earmarked almost a thousand acres along the Ohio River for a $700 investment, two boiling water reactors that would produce 2,360 megawatts of power for Indiana and Kentucky.