Indiana: Both First and Last in Rotary Jails…

Almost immediately, there were issues with prisoners’ limbs getting crushed by the mechanism (or of the mechanism breaking due to prisoner interference).

John Dillinger: One of Our Naughtiest Hoosiers

Some say that the gun was real, snuck into the jail by a corrupt police investigator. Others, including Dillinger’s hostage, believe he crafted the gun using razor and shelving from his cell.

30: A Hoosier’s Dream & Lincoln’s Highway

The United States needed more than neat, narrow rural roads. It needed wide highways that would inspire auto tourism and span the entire country. That was no small feat: roads in 1910s were, uh, not good. 

How Indiana Inventor Sylvanus Freelove Bowser Fueled America

Michigan may be home to the automobile, but it wouldn’t have gotten far without Indiana’s own self-measuring gasoline storage pump.

Before Sitting Bull, There Was Little Turtle of the Great Lakes Miami

Although the Great Lakes Miami have nothing to do with Florida, they played a large role in shaping regional history and are a major reason why we have ‘Indian’ in our state name.

Indiana Invented Bacon (Sort of)…

By 1914, the Kingan company was the first to sell pre-sliced, packaged bacon, cementing their place in history.