Tales of El Scorcho

Tougher (and more expensive) than Iron Man!
You couldn't pull me out with a mule team. That mountain's part of Truman and Truman's part of that mountain. ~Harry R. Truman, 1980 83-year-old Harry R. Truman drove a screaming-pink '57 Cadillac, sipped whiskey and Coke all day, greeted government...
“Aged four years,” or the length of the Civil War
Cheese isn't cheese in Wisconsin; it's the state's history
By Jennifer Young America is no stranger to quirky museums. There’s the Museum of Bad Art (a personal favorite) in Somerville, Massachusetts, the International Banana Museum in Mecca, California, and the Kazoo Museum of Beaufort, South Carolina. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has...
Patton didn't believe in battle fatigue...but Eisenhower did.
A must in the Midwest's short order diners
Out of 111 men, only 12 had time to say goodbye