Tales of El Scorcho

RVs have evolved from camping tools and cheap homes to a way of life. Luxury models help Americans travel the country in style.
The farmer stopped his excavation when the stink of decomposition and the sight of bare human skin struck him. He hurried away and immediately called police.
Every year in late May, the racing world’s focus turns towards Indianapolis. As the Indy 500 unfolds over Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of thousands will head to the Motor Speedway and millions more will watch on TV. This so-called...
In March of 1984, when the then-Baltimore Colts headed west to greener pastures in Indianapolis, both teams won (…championships…eventually…).
Lake County is nothing if not eclectic, in culture, in history...and in photos.
Do not "explore" this former military munitions plant. Local, regional, state and federal authorities tend to frown upon it. With bullets.
The following items came from a beaten, leather-covered trunk with brass hasps so tarnished you could light a kitchen match on them. The previous owner passed away in 1979 in Lake County, Indiana, at the age of 84.
In 1912, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, then the most popular soft drink in the world, had a serious problem, and it would take a plucky Terre Haute glass company to solve it. The first three decades of the Coca-Cola Company...