The Torture Post of Delaware County

In the center of a 30-foot circle stood the torture post, where victims died in agony best unimagined.

The Bell that Almost Broke Cincinnati

This monstrous bell rang only once.

The Little Calumet River: from Explorers to Industry

The health of the Little Calumet has much to do with Chicago’s pattern of settlement

Indiana’s Own Wine Country

By Mary Giorgio Located along the Ohio River in Southeastern Indiana, the sleepy town of Vevay has an intriguing past. In 1802, the area became...

Myth or Menace? Bull Sharks in the Mississippi

Bull sharks can, and do, live in freshwater.

The Prairie Traveler: the 1800s Pioneer Guide to NOT Dying

Before GPS and Google Maps, there was The Prairie Traveler...

Oak Hill Cemetery’s Dead Still Speak

In 1915, a writer named Edgar Lee Masters decided to ‘spill the beans,’ so to speak, on the secrets he knew, secrets involving affairs, illegitimate children, and other sinful deeds.

Get Ready for the Quarantine Baby Boom

Get ready Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, and Millennials.

Remembering Three Thousand Years of the Handshake

Has this near-universal symbol of trust, agreement, and greeting met its end?

The Empty Grave of Candy Queen Helen Brach

In 1977, the Brach candy heiress vanished into thin air

Old and the New: Indiana Artist Marie Goth

One of the most famous female portrait artists in America

History Repeats: The Sugar Hoarding of 1917

In 1917, mass hysteria caused thousands to fight for torn sacks of sugar.

Outdoor Indiana: Mushroom Hunting 101

A popular spring hobby for Hoosiers!