Effective Social Movements for Dummies

For those that want to enact social change, there’s no better demonstration of solidarity and power than that a gouge on a line graph.

Good Luck, Kids

If Sandy Hook and twenty bullet-riddled first-graders doesn’t move a nation to change, can these Florida teens do it?

Indiana’s Claim to Lincoln?

The characteristics that made him the well-known but enigmatic leader were born in Indiana. Kentucky has his birth, Illinois has his body, but Indiana shaped the man.

Greatest Moment in the Greatest Game?

Then you hear the genetic mutants coming, chattering in the dark. Slowly, Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker Suite rises out of the dark.

I Once Touched a Picasso Canvas (But You Shouldn’t)

Then in one languid motion, before I could rethink what I was doing, I lifted my right arm, reached out my index finger and slid it across the canvas, gesso, oil and varnish of Picasso’s Head of a Woman.

Bleach Doesn’t Cure Autism…

You may not like Big Pharma. You may think it’s a vast conspiracy. If so, then please stop taking any antibiotics, medications or other products of the scientific method.