Bidding Buffoons: Fumbling at the 2018 4-H Livestock Auction

By: Tim Bean Ever notice how pig manure is sharper than other animals? Cow and horse manure smells flat. Chicken poop has that overwhelming ammonia...

The Nation’s First Train Robbery: Indiana’s Reno Gang

The Reno Gang had started out their criminal career during the Civil War as Union Army bounty jumpers...and eventually set their sights on robbing a train.

Into Bridges? Parke County’s Got You “Covered”…

Parke County has under 20,000 people, covers roughly 450 square miles...and has 31 "passable" covered bridges. It should come as no surprise that Parke County is billed as the ‘Covered Bridge Capital of the World’.

1977: Indianapolis Witnessed Elvis Leave his Final Building

Although Indiana can’t claim the same ties to Elvis as Tennessee or his birthplace of Mississippi, we do have an interesting, if somewhat sad, connection to the King, as Indianapolis played host to his final live concert.

The Buried (And Unfound) Treasure of the Kankakee

The history of the Kankakee River is bathed in legends of lawlessness and drama, but few tales were as well-known as Ol’ Shaffer’s lost keg of gold

Indiana’s Own Cuddly Carrion Crow: The Turkey Vulture

During the sweltering months of Hoosier summers, you can’t miss these birds, either soaring in lazy, slow circles high above the road...or chowing down on some steamy roadkill.